Yard Waste Collection


  • Yard waste is accepted in the city dumpster by the lagoon gate.  Bundle and tie brush up to 4-foot lengths.
  • Branches larger than 4" in diameter or longer than 4' are not accepted. DO NOT deposit tree logs or stumps in the dumpster.
  • DO NOT place dirt or concrete chunks, rocks, or bricks in the dumpster.  This is for organic yard material only.
  • DO NOT place yard waste on the ground around the dumpster or in front of the gate.  This requires extra effort to clean up.

The dumpsters are NOT for resident trash.  Do not place anything other than yard waste in these receptacles. 

Violators will be fined for dumping unacceptable items. Commercial lawn care companies and individuals cannot dump yard waste in the bins.  Commercial violators will be fined for unauthorized dumping.

Questions can be directed to 701-282-9727.

NOTE:  The burn barrels that were located near the lagoon are no longer available.  Too much trash was being disposed in the barrels that required additional clean-up.   

The city is working on an alternative solution to processing yard waste including composting and chipping branches and wood.  The city welcomes feedback regarding yard waste processing that can benefit the city instead of sending material to the landfill.