Snow Removal Policies

The City of Horace employees work very hard to keep streets open for residents and dropping sand in slippery spots first. Their first priority is to open main roads and then work to side streets. City Ordinance 2-0121 says that residents are responsible for keep sidewalks open. The Fire Department also requests that residents remove snow around fire hydrants in your area to help protect your residence and neighborhood.

Do not push snow into the street and expect the city crews to remove it. Ordinance 13-0506 explicitly forbids this practice. This has caused delays in opening many neighborhood streets. If you push snow across the street into a neighbor's yard, it is your responsibility to ask permission before using their yard for snow disposal. The city cannot pick up this snow for removal. Be kind and respect your neighbors. Make sure to push completely off the street and clean up snow trails to leave the road clear.

Mail Boxes

The city also works to remove snow and keep centralized mail boxes accessible to postal delivery staff that are accessible from the street. The centralized mail boxes that are accessible from sidewalks must be cleared by residents. Residents should also make sure that letter carriers can easily access their residence mail box if the snow builds up around the box. Failure to keep the mailbox accessible will result in mail not being delivered.


Parking is restricted on city streets according to ordinance 13-1606. This is especially true during a snow event. This has been problematic in areas of town with narrow streets. Residents are reminded to not park on streets to speed snow removal even during the day.