City Utilities

The City of Horace provides Water and Sewer treatment services to residents. Some areas of Horace get water service from Cass Rural Water. Residents are billed separately from Cass Rural Water for their service and you will receive a quarterly bill from the City of Horace for trash pick-up service. Utility rates are adjusted periodically as costs of service change and are reviewed at least annually.

If your residence receives water from the City of Horace, your city utility bill will include the monthly cost of service for Water, Sewer, and Trash/Recycling pick-up. Please read your water meter and note the current gallon reading on the monthly bill before returning with your payment. Call City Hall for any billing address changes by the 15th of each month. If you do not read and update your water meter, you will be charged for the maximum water usage.

Utility Bill Drop Off Locations

Bills are due on 25th of each month and can be mailed to City Hall or dropped off in the drop box located outside City Hall or inside Casey's General Store:

  • City Hall
       215 Park Drive E
       Horace, ND 58047
  •  Casey's General Store
       112 Main Street N
       Horace, ND 58047

Monthly Utility Rates - EFFECTIVE October 1, 2018

Garbage Rates

Fee DescriptionAmount
Residential 96 gallon tote and Recycling tote.
$19.52 monthly
Residential extra 96 gallon tote.
$10.33 monthly
Rural residential customers billed quarterly.$58.56

Note that commercial customers are billed directly from Waste Management.

Water Rates

Fee DescriptionAmount
Residential and commercial base rate.
$12.00 monthly
Residential and commercial cost per 1,000 gallons.
$3.00 monthly
Bulk water user cost per 1,000 gallons.
$4.75 monthly
Residential and Commercial water tower and lagoon maintenance.
$7.60 monthly

Note that not reporting a meter reading will result in a maximum water usage charge of 10,000 gallons.

Sewer Rates

Fee DescriptionAmount
Residential and commercial base rate.
$5.50 monthly
Residential and commercial cost per 1,000 gallons.
$1.75 monthly
Rivers Edge resident base rate.
$56.06 monthly

Note that sewer usage is based on the same metered water consumption used to calculate a resident’s water bill.  Not reporting a water meter reading will result in a maximum sewer usage charge of 10,000 gallons.

If your water meter is malfunctioning or is not reading properly, please contact the City Hall at 701-492-2972 to schedule a time to troubleshoot.

Other Rates

Fee DescriptionAmount
Vector (mosquito) control fund$1.00 monthly
Forestry fund for public tree maintenance$1.00 monthly

NOTE:  Utility rate structure reviewed by Horace City Council on May 21, 2018 and approved to take effect October 1, 2018.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Service

Garbage and recycling collection service is provided to Horace residents by Waste Management.

  • For new residents, call Horace City Hall to request garbage collection at 701-492-2972.
  • Current residents, issues with the tote or missed service, call the local Waste Management office 701-277-0714.  If no one answers, leave a message.  Make sure to provide your "service address" as that is how Waste Management identifies your residence.  Do not use a PO box address.

To see the current pick-up schedule view the Waste Management Calendar (PDF). See what residents are listed on the "Green" schedule (PDF)

Moving Out of Horace?

We are sorry you are leaving our community. Please contact City Hall to let us know the date when service should be terminated. Please contact us via phone or email to provide:

  1.  Forwarding address information
  2.  Closing / moving dates
  3.  New owners names