Strategic Planning

Horace Train Stop

The Strategic Planning process was designed to help the City of Horace be proactive about its growth. The plan helps create an inspiration vision of what the City can and will become, along with a workplan to achieve it.

The Strategic Planning Team was formed after the Comprehensive Plan 2045 was completed. The plan presents a long-range vision for the future of Horace for people who live, work, and visit Horace. It is also for those who will make up the Horace community going forward. This includes not only the children of current residents but also the newcomers who will arrive from other parts of the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan area (and beyond) to share the quality of life that is treasured by today’s residents. The plan places a great emphasis on transportation, economic development, and land use strategies that encourage variety and balance in future developments, while supporting the City’s vision for growth.

The results of the plan were the culmination of a three-part process:

  1. Collecting Data 
  2. Creating a Shared Vision & Strategies to achieve it 
  3. Develop a blueprint that includes the resources necessary, ownership and accountability, progress reports and evaluation


 Establishing Presence & City Identity


  • Create a defined City Center that serves as the basis for economic development and public life
  • Build a City Hall that facilitates changing needs and engagement in the community

Creating Community Pride


  • Plentiful Opportunities for community Involvement
  • Positive Public Perception of the City and community pride

Promoting an Active Community


  • Community Recreation focusing on health and togetherness
  • Trail connection that unites neighbors into one community
  • Actively engage community that utilizes natural resources

Planning Smart:


  • Balanced and diverse growth that supports revitalization and the small-town, neighborhood feel