Future City Hall

A new City Hall is a goal the City is working towards under our Strategic Planning guide.

We aim to build a facility that the community can be proud of with adequate space for staff to serve the residents all while respecting the heritage of the City of Horace and the costs associated with building such a facility.

Estimated Timeline & Process

  1. Study & Planning
  2. Hire Architect & Construction Manager
  3. Draft of Concepts
    • Will analyze what makes sense for the City
  4. Engagement with City Council & Residents for thoughts and feedback
  5. Finalize Drawings
  6. Take Bids
  7. Begin Construction

Groundbreaking could begin anywhere in the next one to two years. The timing will depend on how different factors fall into place throughout the process. These steps are a basic overview of the process. More details will be determined after an architect and construction manager are hired.


Q: What will a new City Hall cost?

A: Initial ballpark costs are around $4 million. This number will change based on public feedback and other variables.

Q: How will a new City Hall get paid for?

A: The City anticipates this will be funded through bonding in some capacity. There may also be a possibility to rent out space or partner with other government entities or businesses to help fund the space as well.

Q: What will City Hall include?

A: A new City Hall could include any of the following: Office space, meeting rooms, Council Chambers, extra storage, room for a future Police Department and Park Board, a place to display Horace history, and underground parking to house 10 to 20 City fleet vehicles (this will also allow for more efficient parking lot usage).

Q: Is there a possibility to build onto the Horace Fire Hall?

A: The Horace Rural Fire Department is a separate entity from the City of Horace. The Fire Hall was built to accommodate their needs. Even if a build-on was possible, there's not enough room to build out and accommodate parking and spatial needs for the City into the future.

Q: Why did the City hire a consulting firm?

A: The City of Horace hired a third-party consulting firm to give us feedback as Stantec deals with these types of projects daily. The City wanted to make sure, when building, the space built is adequate for needs for the next 5 to 10 years, and that we aren't taking on too much.

Q: Will there be opportunities for the public to give input and be engaged?

A: Yes, there will be several opportunities throughout the process. There will be community meetings and City Council meeting engagement. Updates will also be available frequently on this webpage, in Horace Happenings, and on social media as they become available.