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City of Horace - Residential Building Permit

  1. Application Resubmittal?

    If yes, an updated description is required.

  2. Must be house number and street. Do not provide a Post Office box. Include Parcel number if available.

  3. Provide a detailed description of the project and work to be completed.

  4. Estimated valuation of the completed project. Estimate to nearest $100.

  5. I, as owner of said property, hereby certify that the information given and attached is correct and that if building permit is issued, all work will be done in accordance with the regulations of the City of Horace Building and Zoning Ordinances.

  6. Preferred Contact Method

  7. Current Mailing Address

  8. Designer / Architect on contract?

  9. Name of Designer / Architect

  10. Name of General Contractor

  11. Name of the Foundation Contractor

  12. Project Details:

  13. Type of Improvement

  14. Permit For

  15. If other provide explanation. For townhouse number of units.

  16. Requirements for construction in flood plain:

  17. Is building located in a Special Floodplain Hazard area?

  18. Letter of Map Revision Issued?

  19. Acknowledgement Form Submitted?

  20. Overhead view of lot where structure or work will be performed. A sketch of the plan showing the location of and relationship of all existing and proposed buildings and structures is required.

  21. Applicable drawings of the construction building or addition to be constructed.

  22. By typing your full name, applicant legally requests a building permit for described work and must receive approval prior to starting construction.

  23. Applicant Requirements:

  24. - Work must be completed in one (1) year from application approval or permit expires.

  25. - A building permit is required for any improvements or additions to a permanent structure.

  26. - All storage buildings and fences require a permit.

  27. - Permits are to be submitted to City Hall Building Inspector with proper fees paid and then reviewed and approved as appropriate by Planning and Zoning Board.

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