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Horace Utility Service Survey

  1. Proposed Utility Bill Changes

    The City of Horace is working to improve services provided to residents while managing the cost to deliver those services. Staff have received feedback from residents on 2 important services that are today paid from the general fund.

  2. To continue or expand these services, staff are considering adding a small fee to resident utility bills to offset the cost of delivery and possibly expand services. Below are 2 proposed services being considered to add to resident utility bills.

  3. Vector Control

    Cass County provides vector (mosquito/insect) control for Horace at a cost of about $1.50 per resident per month. Do you support paying this fee per month to continue/expand coverage for summer months?

  4. Yard Waste

    Horace provides yard waste dumpsters to allow residents to deposit lawn clippings, leaves, and branches for disposal. In 2017 the City paid approximately $26,000 to provide this service. As the city grows, providing this service to residents will continue to drive costs up. Do you support adding a monthly fee of $3.00 to continue this service?

  5. Why did you select that answer?

  6. Why did you select that answer? If you disagree, what fee are you willing to pay?

  7. Any other services the city should consider adding?

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