Capital Improvement Plan

The City of Horace has been working since January to draft a Capital Improvement Plan for 2017 to prioritize the most important construction projects.  The City Engineering team is working in 4 separate areas to define priorities for improvements:
  • City Sanitary Sewer
  • City Water
  • City Storm Sewer
  • City Streets
The CIP was approved in March and is a working document to guide the construction priorities of the City Council.  Below is the CIP project status as of May 1, 2017.  Projects are proposed and approved by the City Council and managed by the City Engineers.  

Project Description Estimated Cost Rationale Area Status
Replacement/Lining of VCP Pipe Sewer $0
Replacement of broken or damaged vcp pipe and lining of vcp pipe throughout the town. (funded in 2016) Waste Water In Process
Sanitary Sewer connection to Deer Creek. $3,106,000 Connection of Horace sanitary sewer to Fargo sewer at Deer Creek. Waste Water Planning
Water Improvement District $580,000 Looping project to extend water from Wall to Chestnut to improve water flow Water In Process
Water Meter upgrades for remote reader $300,000 Upgrade and replace water meters in all City of Horace water customers to enable remote reading to report accurate water usage. Water Planning
Upgrade Electrical, pumps on various lift Station   Upgrade Electrical and Controls on Lift Station. Funded in 2016-01 project. Waste Water In Process
Storm water Master Plan $30,000 To plan for existing and future storm water needs in the City of Horace Storm Water In Process
Lights in the ball field $0 Upgrade and repair the ball field lights. ($125k paid by Park Board) Parks Not Started
Building Upgrades $20,000 Upgrades to City Hall as needed Building COMPLETE
Chestnut Drive reconstruction. Chestnut Storm Water Lift Station upgrade $1,997,000 Chestnut drive street reconstruction to replace subgrade, aggregate base, 5" overlay, curb and gutter. Storm sewer upgrade to expand capacity. Streets, Storm Water Planning
8th Ave Extension to support Truck Route $500,000 Aggregate base, 6" overlay, striping of 24' top to support a truck route in commercial district Streets Planning
Northwood and Southwood Dr Mill and Overlay $284,000 Milling and 2" HBP overlay Streets Planning
Greyhawk, Dreamfields, Riverdale, Sunnyside, Woodland Circle $288,000 This project would re-surface deteriorated streets with bituminous chip seal (6 blocks and crack seal 6 blocks). Necessary to prevent further deterioration Streets Planning
Maple Lane Street and Drainage Improvements $194,000 Install concrete gutters to improve drainage and chip seal street. Streets Planning
Insulate & Heat Cold Storage Building $0 For storage of City equipment. ($40k paid in 2016) Building In Process
Obtain locate/map location GPS equipment $8,000 Ease of locating of all water valves , curb stops assets even under snow cover Water Not Started
Replacement and addition of Gate Valves on Water Mains throughout the town $20,000 Replacement of broken or non-working gate valves throughout the town will allow isolation for water main repairs and not have to shut water off to entire town for repairs, looping of water mains. Target 2017 Water Not Started
Adelman Addition Street Lighting $76,000 Install street lighting for residents in the Adelman addition Streets Planning