Public Records Request

In accordance with the North Dakota Open Records law (N.D.C.C. §44-04-18) the City of Horace accommodates requests in a timely manner. In accordance with this guidance, the request can be made by any available medium - by phone, email, mail, or in person. We provide this form to facilitate your request. If you do not wish to use this form, please notify us in your alternatively chosen manner. Once a request is received, the City will provide a cost estimate. Payment is required PRIOR to the search.

As required, the first hour of locating requested records (including electronic records) is free. After the first hour, the charge is $25/hr. for locating records and a separate $25/hr. (after the 1st hour) for redacting any exempt or confidential information. The charge for paper copies is 25 cents per page (standard letter or legal size paper). If providing electronic records takes more than one hour, in addition to charges for locating and redacting, the entity may charge the actual cost incurred for use of technology resources. For other types of records, the charge may be the actual cost for copying, including labor, materials, and equipment.
The City of Horace adheres to the guidance provided by the Office of the ND Attorney General:
ND Attorney General Open Records Guidance