Charitable Gaming Events

Local and restricted Event Permit

For charitable raffles and gaming, or special events serving alcohol within the Horace city limits, a local event permit/restricted event permit must be acquired prior to the event. You may fill out the application online and email it to

Before filling out either application, please read the following instructions:

Apply at least 14 days before the event date (if you plan on several fundraisers throughout the year, please apply 14 days before the first event).

The state will not approve the permit if the application was not turned in at least 14 days prior. 
  Apply at least 21 days before the event. Make sure to provide the information of your state liquor license and a copy of your general liability insurance. 

All special events permits for serving alcohol during an event must be approved by the City Council.
    * you must apply for a permit if alcohol is being sold  or catered by a bar/or restaurant. 

Please click here for the online application form.

You may also call City Hall with any questions at (701) 492-2972