City Survey Results

On occasion, we will ask our residents to participate in surveys. Through surveys, we are able to assess our city from our residents' point of view.

Childcare services in horace

Survey Duration: October 12-26, 2022
The City of Horace wanted to assess the need for childcare in our community, so we created an 11-question survey and shared it with our residents during a two-week period. In total, we received 197 responses, and the results were telling: simply put, many of our residents are in need of childcare, and considering our population is nearing 5,000, one can only imagine what those results would be with more participants.

We’ll let you look at the results for yourself (see below), but here are a few highlights:

  • Of the 157 online respondents, 60 respondents said they were on a waiting list, with 30 of those respondents on a 1-2 year waiting list.
  • Of the 157 online respondents, 72 respondents said they were looking for all-day childcare.
  • Of the 157 online respondents, 89 respondents said the lack of childcare has affected their careers.

We further found that while some wished there were more childcare centers, there were some who felt that the actual problem arose from childcare centers being understaffed and having to limit the number of children who could be enrolled.

Mayor Peterson extended an open invitation to those who were interested in furthering the childcare discussion, so on Sunday, October 30, he met with approximately 35 attendees at the Horace Lutheran Church social hall. While few parents attended, he and elected officials found incredible benefit in hearing the frustration on behalf of the providers themselves.

What's next?

Mayor Peterson's next step is to work with Senator Judy Lee on statewide childcare legislation.

"I have concerns about available childcare so families don't have to decide between career and [childcare]," he said.

For a full report of the online survey results, click here.


Online respondents: 157
Mail-in respondents: 40