City Administrator

The City Administrator is an important role for the City of Horace. The City Administrator works under the authority of the Mayor and is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the City.  The City Administrator supervises, administers, and coordinates the activities and functions of all City of Horace departments. The City Administrator supports the Council and Commissioners to implement the City's ordinances and policies to ensure optimal services to the community. 

City Administrator
Brenton Holper

City Administrator Duties

  • Plans and directs all administrative activities of the City
  • Develops and implements internal policies and procedures, evaluates City employees, and takes necessary actions to improve City operations
  • Provides information and advice to the Mayor, City Council, appointed officials, and the public on the City’s operations
  • Acts as the City’s representative in such areas as labor relations, intergovernmental relations, conferences, conventions, and seminars related to public management
  • Attends meetings of the City Council and other boards and commissions in order to coordinate and satisfy the administrative needs of the City
  • Acts to resolve operational conflicts, decides and implements alternate courses of action, formulates administrative policies, and makes decisions in the best interest of the City’s operations
  • Keeps the Mayor and Council informed and advised of the financial conditions of the City and its future needs
  • Assists the Mayor in the preparation of preliminary budget expectations and areas of focus for submission to the Finance Director and coordinates with the Finance Director in the administration of the budget after its adoption