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Additional information on the various trees contained in this Tree List may be found on North Dakota State University’s tree extension website. To view the NDSU Tree Handbook, click here.

This Tree List was approved by resolution of the Horace City Council on April 2, 2018.

Amur Maple 15'-20' Bright reddish; fall color. Flame; Embers
Flowering Crabapple 10'-25'

Valued for foliage; flowers, and variations in form and size; fruitless variety only or variety with fruit.

Radiant; Spring Snow; Royal Raindrops
Japanese Lilac Tree  20'-25' Large, showy flowers; attractive winter fruit display.  
Prairie Gem Flowering Pear 15'-30' White flowers; hardiest of all pears.  
Ironwood  15'-30'  Slow growing; exfoliating bark.   
Hawthorn 15'-18' Small red fruit; drought tolerant.  Thornless Cockspur
Amur Chokecherry 15'-25' White flowers; bright amber to deep coppery-orange bark.   
Oak 40'-70' Large, long-lived; produces acorns, slow growing, drought resistant.  Bur Oak; Prairie Stature Oak; Mongolian Oak
Elm 35'-65' Large, umbrella-shaped tree; must be Dutch-Elm Disease resistant. Discovery; Prairie Expedition; Cathedral Accolade
Hackberry 40'-60' Drought tolerant; alkaline soils and wind tolerant; similar form to Elm.   
Honeylocust 30'-50' Small leaflets; salt tolerant; fast growing; must be thornless.  
Alder 25'-45' Rapid-growing, drought tolerant, cone-like fruit Imperial; Northern Acclaim; Skyline
Corktree 25'-35' Cork-like appearance on trunk and branches Amur; His Majesty
Kentucky Coffeetree 40'-50' Drought and salt tolerant; large seedpods  
Linden or Basswood 40'-60' Large stature; excellent shade; aromatic flowers Boulevard; Redmond; Harvest  Gold; Greenspire; Corinthian; Dropmore; Norlin 
Maple 40'-65' Known for unique leaves and fall colored; subject to iron chlorosis locally; Sugar Maple and Red Maple are not recommended; Boxelder Maple is not allowed.  Autumn Blaze; Celebration; Emerald Lustre; Silver Cloud; Northline;  Silver Queen; Skinner