Below you will find a list of the City's current and upcoming construction projects.

City Projects

66th Street (Improvement District 2022-8)
The proposed project consists of public infrastructure including, streets, concrete curb and 
gutter, concrete sidewalk, concrete shared use path, streetlights, storm sewer and other 
associated items. An urban street section would be constructed from the intersection of 
76th Avenue and 66th Street north approximately 5700 LF north to the intersection of 64th
Avenue and 66th Street. 

The project is proposed to be constructed in the 2022-2023 construction seasons.
The proposed street width for 66th Street will include 2-12’ driving lanes and a 13’ center 
turn lane. A single lone roundabout is proposed to be constructed in the middle of 
project at the intersection of Christianson Boulevard to keep traffic moving safely and 
efficient. The typical section will consist of the following:
Prepared subgrade
Reinforcement fabric/geogrid
8” Class 5 Aggregate or Recycled Concrete Base
4” Perforated PVC drain tile
Concrete curb and gutter
8” non-Reinforced doweled concrete pavement

Please click here for the preliminary engineering report.
Chestnut Drive  & Ironwood Drive Rehabilitation (planned Improvement District 2022-10)
For more information on the planned 2022-10 street rehabilitation projects, please click the links below.

Chestnut Drive 
Ironwood Drive

Please click here for the materials that were presented during the March 31, 2022, public information meeting at the Horace Fire Hall Event Center.

Please click here for the Preliminary Engineering Report as discussed at the April 18, 2022 City Council meeting.

The bid opening took place on Thursday, September 1, 2022. The City Council will review the bids and consider awarding the project on Monday, September 19, 2022, during the City Council meeting.
City of Horace Water Projects (Improvement Districts 2020-6 & 2020-7)

The first of the two water projects, ID 2020-6 Water Line Replacement started on August 17th, 2021. The goal of this project is to replace the old infrastructure which is a major reason for multiple water disruptions in recent years. There are numerous steps in resolving the issues, but the first steps are to accurately locate existing water mains, water service lines, curb stops, and gate valves. This is done through exploratory excavation performed by the contractor.

  • Water mains are primary underground pipes in a municipal water distribution system. They are the major artery supplying water to smaller pipes on the way to homes and businesses. A water main line’s diameter could be anywhere from 6 to 16 inches wide and is often buried 8 feet deep underground, running under or parallel to a street.
  • Water service lines are small pipes connecting water mains to a residence or business. Service lines are usually an inch in diameter.
  • Curb stops are water control valves (basically an on/off switch) located near the property line, which are used to shut off the water to individual properties. Curb stops are essential to isolate water during construction or water leaks in a resident’s home.
  • Gate valves are essential to isolate water by inserting a wrench to move a gate or wedge into the path of water inside a water main. Gate valves help redirect water so that work on water mains can be done.

The second water project, ID 2020-7 Connection to Cass Rural, has also begun. Connecting Horace residents to Cass Rural Water involves installing a meter pit (picture a huge vault that is the size of a pickup truck) near the 63rd St. and 82nd Ave.S. intersection. The construction firm, Key Contracting, ordered the construction of the meter pit which carries electrical wiring, pipes, gate valves, and a big water meter in August. Due to worldwide material shortages and labor delays, the meter pit will not be delivered until March 2022. In the coming months, the contractor is planning to finish the rest of the construction which includes laying new transmission lines from 82nd Ave. S. down to the Horace water tower. 

Water ID 2020-6 (Water Replacement)

Construction Status:

  • During the week of September 6, 2022, a section of Center Ave will be closed to continue connecting water lines. More updates will follow. 
  • The remaining work areas will be scheduled as work progresses. These areas will begin to receive the designated water main replacement or gate valve/fire hydrant/curb stop replacements. Paving and restoration items will follow.
  • Areas include – Sheyenne Dr., West River Rd., Park Dr., Center Ave., Nelson Dr., CR 17, Freed Park Alley, 3rd St. S., 4th St. S., Looping to Visto Industrial Addition

Water ID 2020-7 (Connection to Cass Rural)

Construction Status:

  • All Transmission piping was installed and completed last year.
  • The remaining Items are the Water Tower Mixer and the Water Meter Vault and associated Pipe Connections. 
City of Horace Transition to Cass Rural Water
Transitioning from City of Horace water to Cass Rural Water District water cannot occur until all items from this project are installed and operational.

UPDATE (9/16/2022)

Where will the Contractor be working this week?

  • Center Ave., Nelson Dr., Freed Park Alley, West River Rd., Sheyenne Dr., Dakota Ave., Mickey Mouse , Thue Ct., Willow Ct., Park Dr., Maust Way, Southwood Dr., CR 17/ Main St., 3rd St. E, 4th St. E.

What is the Contractor working on?

  • Locating existing curb stops, gate valves, water main, and water service
  • Yard Restoration
    • 3rd E. / 4th St. E., Willow Ct., West River Rd, Dakota Ave., Mickey Mouse Ave., and Thue Ct., and Sheyenne Dr., Maust Way, Southwood Dr.
    • Yard Restoration includes restoring landscaping, grass, culverts,
  • Curb Stop Replacement
    • 3rd E. / 4th St. E. – to resume late next week
  • Open Trench Water Main Replacement (including curb stops) is anticipated in the following
    • Center – Watermain testing early next week, anticipated that service will be returned by mid to late next week.
    • Freed Park Alley - Watermain testing early next week, anticipated that service will be returned by mid to late next week.
    • Fire Hall – Water Service installation (next week possible)
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Water Main Installation
    • CR 17 (Liberty Lane to 8th S.) – Connections Early next week
    • CR 17 (8th S. to Center Ave.) – CR 17/Main St. Traffic Control Wednesday morning, Directional Drilling of watermain to follow. Water Service Access Pits on CR 17/ Main St. Parking Lane to begin mid next week.

Potential Impacts to residents:

  • Temporary Water
  • Intermittent planned water disruptions
  • Intermittent disruption to access

Note to Residents:

  • The Contractor is responsible for providing access to all residential dwellings and business establishments whenever possible.
  • Where open trench water main replacement is occurring, roads will be closed to thru traffic, however access will be provided to residents within the closed work areas.
  • Where temporary water is required, the Contractor will be notifying residents at least 48 hours prior to the interruption of service.
  • Please do not park in areas designated for upcoming
  • Residents should remove any known personal items encroaching on work
  • Do not remove flags from yards; these flags are used for locating underground
  • Contact City Hall or the Contractor for questions/concerns.


  • KPH, Contact: Joshua Smith (218)329-3079
Lift Station SA-13 (Sanitary Sewer Improvement District No. 2021-6)
This project consists of the construction of a regional sanitary sewer lift station and forcemain. This lift station and forcemain will service the Deer Creek Estates and Horseshoe Bend areas of Horace. This project was originally Sanitary Sewer Improvement District No. 2018-2, but due to development, the location of the station has been revised to service a much larger area of Horace.

Proposed improvements:
The proposed project will provide sanitary sewer service to the Horseshoe Bend Trailer Park, Deer Creek Estates, Riverdale and undeveloped land south of Deer Creek Parkway along 64th Avenue. The project consists of the construction of a sanitary sewer lift station, forcemain, necessary appurtenances, sanitary sewer mains, manholes and a highway directionally drilled crossing. This lift station will be designed with sufficient depth to maximize the service areas around 64th Avenue. The lift station will be located in the 
southeast corner of the Cass County 17 and Deer Creek Parkway intersection. An easement from the current landowner will be required

The proposed project consists of the following improvements:
• Submersible Pump Lift Station
• Forcemain
• Connection to existing sanitary sewer forcemain
• Connection to existing private forcemain from the Horseshoe Bend Trailer Park.
• Lift station controls
• Lift station electrical
• 8, 10, and 12 Inch sanitary sewer main
• Sanitary sewer manholes
• Seeding and Hydromulching
• Concrete driveway
The method of installation for the proposed improvements will be traditional open cut methods and horizontal directionally drilled highway cased crossing. This lift station will be a part of the City of Horace wastewater collection system. Wastewater from the addition will be collected and routed to this lift station where it will be conveyed to the forcemain connecting Horace to the City of Fargo at Deer Creek. The 
City of Fargo will treat the wastewater. Access to the lift station will be from Deer Creek Parkway.
Disturbed right of way and ditches will have topsoil replaced, seeded and hydro mulched or straw mulched

Please click here for the location and district boundary maps.
Please click here for the preliminary engineering report.

As of September 1, 2022, the contractor continues to meet all deadlines. The project is on schedule.
Visto Addition - Industrial Dr.  & Frontage Rd. (Street Improvement District No. 2022-1)
This project consists of paving a portion of Industrial Drive and Frontage 
Road in the Visto Industrial First Addition.

Proposed improvements:
The proposed project provides a paved surface for the additions. As per the planning of the subdivision to allow for settlement and effects of construction equipment, the final pavement lift was intended to be placed after most of the development in the area was completed. Pavement distresses from heavy equipment used in the construction of buildings in the area can be identified and corrected with the proposed final pavement lift project.

The proposed project consists of the following improvements:
• Water service lines and gate valves to lots without service
• Sanitary sewer service lines to lots without service
• Common excavation on Industrial Drive and Frontage Road
• Aggregate base course on Industrial Drive and Frontage Road
• Reshaping existing aggregate
• Gate valve and manhole adjustments
• Hot bituminous pavement or Reinforced Concrete Pavement
• Topsoil import, seeding, and hydro-mulch

Industrial Drive and the west 850 LF +/- of Industrial Drive and Frontage Road was constructed privately prior to 2019. The street is in fair to good condition, but frost boils develop in the spring. Subgrade failures have been a common occurrence on Industrial Drive north of Frontage Road. Due to these failures and lack of consistent typical section that area will receive the following improvements:
• Common excavation. Excavate the top six inches of material and remove it from 
the site.
• Subgrade preparation. Perform subgrade preparation to the top 1 foot of 
material. Disk the existing material to a uniform consistency and recompact at 
proper moisture. Unsuitable material would be replaced with suitable material if 
• Aggregate Base Course. 6 inches of Class 5 aggregate base course will be 
installed and compacted to a uniform cross-section.
• Pavement. Either a 6” hot bituminous pavement or 8” non reinforced concrete section
section will be installed.

The area constructed in 2019 and 2020 has a uniform section consisting of prepared 
subgrade, and 6” of aggregate base course with the top 2” chemically stabilized. This 
area will be regraded to a uniform cross-section and paved with hot bituminous pavement 
or reinforced concrete pavement.

Please click here for the location and district boundary map.
Please click here for the preliminary engineering report.

Update (9/2/2022): 
All water and sanitary lines have been installed. Street paving will be the next step.
Wall Avenue Street Improvements (SSt. ID No. 2022-3 ) & (SSSt. ID No. 2022-4)

On November 15, 2021, the City Council of the City of Horace (the “City”) created Storm and Street Improvement District No. 2022-3 (“SSt. ID No. 2022-3”) consisting of the improvement of Wall Avenue from the Sheyenne River to Cass County Highway 17, and Sewer, Storm, and Street Improvement District No. 2022-4 (“SSSt. ID No. 2022-4”) consisting of the improvement of Wall Avenue from the Sheyenne Diversion to the Sheyenne River (collectively, the “Proposed Projects”). The Proposed Projects may benefit your property, and as such, your property is included in one or both district boundaries. Because your property is within the district boundaries, the City may levy a special assessment on your property. 

What are the Proposed Projects and why do we need them?
In addition to creating the improvement districts, the City Council directed the City Engineer to develop preliminary engineering reports to determine the need for the projects, identify project alternatives, present a life cycle cost analysis of technically feasible alternatives, and propose specific courses of action. The preliminary engineering reports describe the need for improving Wall Avenue to alleviate poor road conditions and public safety concerns. More specifically, the Proposed Projects provide the following:

SSt. ID No. 2022-3 SSSt. ID No. 2022-4
Storm sewer main, laterals, catch basins, and manholes 8" sanitary sewer mains and manholes
Hot bituminous pavement or concrete surfaced streets with curb and gutter Storm sewer main, laterals, catch basins, and manholes 
Seeding and hydro-mulching Hot bituminous pavement and concrete surfaced streets with curb and gutter
Street lighting Seeding and hydro-mulching
4.5' sidewalk on the north side of the street Street lighting
10' concrete shared use path on the south side of the street 10' concrete shared use path on the south side of the street

What are the estimated costs of the Proposed Projects?
Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Projects Costs:

Selected paving materials[1]  SSt. ID No. 2022-3 SSSt. ID No. 2022-4
Asphalt $1,928,000 $4,977,000
Concrete $2,098,000 $5,824,000

[1] The City Council will determine whether the Proposed Projects are constructed of asphalt paving or concrete paving. 

Please click here for the SSt. ID No. 2022-3 district boundary map 
Please click here for the SSSt. ID No. 2022-4  district boundary map 

Update (9/1/2022)
The project will start in 2023.