City Projects

Below you will find a list of the City's current and upcoming construction projects.

City Projects

City of Horace Water Projects (ID 2020-6) & (ID 2020-7)

The first of the two water projects, ID 2020-6 Water Line Replacement started on August 17th, 2021. The goal of this project is to replace the old infrastructure which is a major reason for multiple water disruptions in recent years. There are numerous steps in resolving the issues, but the first steps are to accurately locate existing water mains, water service lines, curb stops, and gate valves. This is done through exploratory excavation performed by the contractor.

  • Water mains are primary underground pipes in a municipal water distribution system. They are the major artery supplying water to smaller pipes on the way to homes and businesses. A water main line’s diameter could be anywhere from 6 to 16 inches wide and is often buried 8 feet deep underground, running under or parallel to a street.
  • Water service lines are small pipes connecting water mains to a residence or business. Service lines are usually an inch in diameter.
  • Curb stops are water control valves (basically an on/off switch) located near the property line, which are used to shut off the water to individual properties. Curb stops are essential to isolate water during construction or water leaks in a resident’s home.
  • Gate valves are essential to isolate water by inserting a wrench to move a gate or wedge into the path of water inside a water main. Gate valves help redirect water so that work on water mains can be done.

The second water project, ID 2020-7 Connection to Cass Rural, has also begun. Connecting Horace residents to Cass Rural Water involves installing a meter pit (picture a huge vault that is the size of a pickup truck) near the 63rd St. and 82nd Ave.S. intersection. The construction firm, Key Contracting, ordered the construction of the meter pit which carries electrical wiring, pipes, gate valves, and a big water meter in August. Due to worldwide material shortages and labor delays, the meter pit will not be delivered until March 2022. In the coming months, the contractor is planning to finish the rest of the construction which includes laying new transmission lines from 82nd Ave. S. down to the Horace water tower. The overall connection to Cass Rural Water has now been rescheduled for spring 2022.

Lift Station SA-13 (Sanitary Sewer Improvement District No. 2021-6)
This project consists of the construction of a regional sanitary sewer lift station and forcemain. This lift station and forcemain will service the Deer Creek Estates and Horseshoe Bend areas of Horace. This project was originally Sanitary Sewer Improvement District No. 2018-2, but due to development, the location of the station has been revised to service a much larger area of Horace.

Please click here for the location and district boundary maps
Visto Addition - Industrial Dr.  & Frontage Rd. (Street Improvement District No. 2021-7)
This project consists of paving a portion of Industrial Drive and Frontage 
Road in the Visto Industrial First Addition.

Please click here for the location and district boundary map. 
Wall Avenue Street Improvements (SSt. ID No. 2022-3 ) & (SSSt. ID No. 2022-4)

On November 15, 2021, the City Council of the City of Horace (the “City”) created Storm and Street Improvement District No. 2022-3 (“SSt. ID No. 2022-3”) consisting of the improvement of Wall Avenue from the Sheyenne River to Cass County Highway 17, and Sewer, Storm, and Street Improvement District No. 2022-4 (“SSSt. ID No. 2022-4”) consisting of the improvement of Wall Avenue from the Sheyenne Diversion to the Sheyenne River (collectively, the “Proposed Projects”). The Proposed Projects may benefit your property, and as such, your property is included in one or both district boundaries. Because your property is within the district boundaries, the City may levy a special assessment on your property. 

What are the Proposed Projects and why do we need them?
In addition to creating the improvement districts, the City Council directed the City Engineer to develop preliminary engineering reports to determine the need for the projects, identify project alternatives, present a life cycle cost analysis of technically feasible alternatives, and propose specific courses of action. The preliminary engineering reports describe the need for improving Wall Avenue to alleviate poor road conditions and public safety concerns. More specifically, the Proposed Projects provide the following:

SSt. ID No. 2022-3 SSSt. ID No. 2022-4
Storm sewer main, laterals, catch basins, and manholes 8" sanitary sewer mains and manholes
Hot bituminous pavement or concrete surfaced streets with curb and gutter Storm sewer main, laterals, catch basins, and manholes 
Seeding and hydro-mulching Hot bituminous pavement and concrete surfaced streets with curb and gutter
Street lighting Seeding and hydro-mulching
4.5' sidewalk on the north side of the street Street lighting
10' concrete shared use path on the south side of the street 10' concrete shared use path on the south side of the street

What are the estimated costs of the Proposed Projects?
Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Projects Costs:

Selected paving materials[1]  SSt. ID No. 2022-3 SSSt. ID No. 2022-4
Asphalt $1,928,000 $4,977,000
Concrete $2,098,000 $5,824,000

[1] The City Council will determine whether the Proposed Projects are constructed of asphalt paving or concrete paving. 

How can I learn more about these projects?
An informal project meeting will be held on Monday, December 13th, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Horace Fire Hall Event Center located at 413 Main St. Property owners are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and provide comments on the Proposed Projects. Additionally, a webpage will be created for the Proposed Projects on the City’s website that will include the following information:
Preliminary engineering reports; summary of project needs and project components; improvement district boundary maps; informal project meeting information; and GIS-based map showing the improvement district and parcels within the improvement district that can be selected to show preliminary assessment amounts.

What are the next steps?
The City published two Resolutions of Necessity for the Proposed Projects in The Forum, the first publication of which was on November 24, 2021.  Under Section 40-22-17 of the North Dakota Century Code:
If, within thirty days after the first publication of the resolution . . . the owners of any property within the improvement district file written protests describing the property which is the subject of the protest with the city auditor protesting against the adoption of said resolution, the governing body of the municipality, at its next meeting after the expiration of the time for filing such protests, shall hear and determine the sufficiency thereof.

The City Council will hold a hearing at its meeting on January 3, 2022, to hear any protests against the Proposed Projects. Please note, only those interested parties that file written protests prior to the expiration of the 30-day protest period will be heard at the hearing. 

If you have any questions about this letter, the informal meeting, or the protest hearing, please contact me at (701) 492-2972 or by email at

Please click here for the SSt. ID No. 2022-3 district boundary map 
Please click here for the SSSt. ID No. 2022-4  district boundary map