In 2021, the City of Horace began two long-awaited Water Improvement projects to connect to Cass Rural Water, replacing a decades-old water system that had resulted in the build-up of iron and manganese deposits, both naturally occurring sediments. Although Horace water was deemed safe to consume by the North Dakota Department of Health, the city's water was less than desirable and severely discolored. We are excited to provide the residents of Horace with the satisfaction of cleaner water through these projects.

Project I: Water Improvement District No. 2020-6: Horace Proper Water System Replacement 
This project will improve the current system by replacing or installing water main, gate valves, fire hydrants, curb stops, and water service lines where deficiencies are present. The work will increase the ability for more isolation of the system and minimize water surface disruption to existing water users while performing maintenance activities. 

Project II: Water Improvement District No. 2020-7: Connection to Cass Rural Water District

This project will consist of infrastructure connecting to the Cass Rural Water User System and a transmission line from the connection point of the Cass Rural system to the City of Horace water distribution system. This project will work to meet the current and future city needs by providing an additional water source and increasing access to water storage for use during fires and emergencies. The project also establishes water system uniformity within Horace and improves the quality of water in the Horace Service Area.

KPH, Inc. was awarded the project and work began in August.

Mayor Peterson was able to secure a $3,053,000 award from the ND Department of Water Resources plus an additional $1,308,000 to cover the cost of this major project. While utility bills were increased from a base rate of $12 to $19.50, it was because of the funding that was awarded to the City that residents were spared special assessments.

If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to reach out to the following representatives:

KPH, Inc.
Joshua Smith
(218) 329-3079

Key Contracting, Inc.
Tom Paschke
(701) 238-5339