Special Assessment commission

The Special Assessment Commission is appointed by the City Council in order to provide recommendations for special assessments to be certified by the City Council. As mandated by the North Dakota State Legislature, it consists of three members and operates under the provisions set forth in Section 40-23.01 of the North Dakota Century Code.

The Commission's obligation is to assess, as fair and equal as possible, the costs of various improvement projects within a defined assessment area determined by the City Council. In other words, the commission proportions the cost of projects by determining the amount of benefit to each property in a given improvement district.

Name Role Term expires
Martin Hochhalter Special Assessment Commissioner August 2027
Al Aamodt Special Assessment Commissioner August 2027
Darrin Galde Special Assessment Commissioner August 2027

Special Assessment Commission Meetings

The Horace Special Assessment Commission meets on an as-needed basis.
All meetings are open to the public. 

Please click here for the Special Assessment Meetings agendas.